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Paul Carvalho is the principle consultant at STAQS and has been in the IT industry since 1989. He has:

  • held roles in testing, management, software quality assurance, development, training, technical support, and technical writing
  • worked in a variety of industries, including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Logistics, National Defense, Scientific, Engineering, Semantic, and Commercial
  • helped design, program and test a range of software and hardware technologies, including: stand-alone desktop apps, client-server, broker, web apps, enterprise solutions, archiving technologies, modems, command-line utilities, and operating platforms

Paul is passionate about Testing and enjoys mentoring and helping others develop better testing skills and knowledge. He specializes in systems analysis, collaborative problem solving, test design and exploratory testing, and has a gift of teaching for understanding.

As a software testing coach and practitioner, Paul helps testers and teams grow and adapt to complement development efforts – to increase collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency, and to provide value to projects. He has been published in Better Software magazine, is a regular speaker at testing workshops and conferences, blogs occasionally, loves scripting with Ruby, and enjoys discovering new ways to break systems and applications.

Some of the peer workshops that Paul has spoken at include:

  • TWST – Toronto Workshop on Software Testing
  • WOPR – Workshop on Performance and Reliability
  • STiFS – Software Testing in Financial Services (New York)
  • WWST – Waterloo Workshops on Software Testing

Some of the conferences and peer networks that Paul has spoken at include:

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