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Mission: to help organizations transform how they think about and perform testing to provide the most value and raise the quality of their delivered solutions.

Paul is a highly experienced consultant who provides valuable advice and services to companies, educational institutions and individuals around the world. His clients cover many industries, sizes of organizations and different life-cycle models from Agile to Waterfall and many variations in between.

When required, Paul draws on his network to pair up with other top professionals to meet the project and organizational needs. We work with you to establish how to improve the testing efficiency and effectiveness in ways that are specific to your needs and objectives. Each client is unique and therefore each assignment is different. Our services therefore include short and long-term consulting assignments, and a variety of public and internal training workshops.

If you are interested to find out more about how we can help improve testing within your organization, please contact us.

Long Term

We are committed to helping companies learn how to help themselves. A longer-term consulting assignment may be required to accomplish big changes, especially when a lot of people or teams are involved. This assignment may be from 5-12 weeks in duration.

Sample assignments may include helping you to: build a test team, adopt or roll out a new Development or Quality model, perform Software Quality Assurance assessments, or integrate new tools and testing approaches.

Short Term

Occasionally, a quick visit is all you need. You may need some guidance, insight, assistance or training on a particular Agile, Quality or Testing issue or topic. We can help. A short-term consultation may be anywhere from 1-5 days in duration.

Sample assignments may include:

  • Hiring advice for recruiting testers and test managers
  • Training – single and multi-day workshops (variety of Agile, Quality and Testing topics)
  • Advice on applying Exploratory Testing to suit your needs
  • Guidance on sustainable Automation efforts
  • Advice on transitioning testers to Agile teams
  • Test Effectiveness Assessments


Paul often speaks at Agile/Development/QA/Testing networking events and conferences on a range of topics. (See the Docs page for more details.) He also offers Public courses and workshops that may be customised and delivered internally within your company.

Public courses allow participants to share experiences with people from other organizations, enriching their understanding of the topic discussed. Sometimes a particular tool or technique may be used in very different ways by development teams in different companies.

We currently have a 2-day Workshop on Exploratory Testing, and more are in development.

Internal courses provide companies the opportunity to reach a large number of employees in a time and place that is convenient for them. It is also more cost-effective than sending individual participants from the same company to a public course. Additionally, the exercises may be customised to work with your own applications, tools and requirements documentation – increasing the value of the training for your particular needs.

If you are interested in training on any of the topics listed in the Docs page (or a testing topic not yet listed), please contact me so that we may discuss it further.


“Hands down, Paul’s approach to testing and the effectiveness of his team has been the best I’ve seen in my many years as a developer. The process that he uses coupled with his extensive knowledge of exploratory testing has led his team to find bugs in the system that I don’t think other teams would ever find!” ~ Dan Silivestru, Senior Developer

“If you are a company or department that wants to get the most results out of your team, or want to create a new team that will add value to your software engineering effort, Paul is one of the best in the region that I know of that can set this up for you.” ~ Robert Gissing, Software Tester

“Paul positions himself as an ally for developers. He works hard to make sure developers (and the business too!) look good. He’s got the teacher’s spirit, and knows how to shape people’s attitudes towards QA, and how to give them the skills they need to do it well.” ~ Robert Hahn, Software Development