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STAQS was founded in 2004 to provide testing and consulting services, specifically around Exploratory Testing – an agile testing approach to help complement rapid and iterative development approaches. Since then, the STAQS mission has grown to provide testing, training and coaching services that complement congruent software engineering practices.

According to Gerald Weinberg, a “congruent organization” is one that “not only understands concepts of good software engineering, but also practices them.” Software Testing serves a purpose to provide information and insight into aspects of the product or service under development that are of value to the stakeholders. Congruent software testing practices are those that complement software engineering practices appropriately selected and performed to achieve the needs of the people on the project. To quote Fred Brooks, “there is no silver bullet.” Similarly, there are no software testing “best practices” that always work successfully on every project.

Some of the customized services offered thus far have included: quality assessments, individual tester coaching and training, test team building (hiring, skills & professional development), hands-on testing, test management, project management (including Scrum), process development and improvement, developer/programmer testing workshops, test/check automation script development, and automation script development training for testers.

Our mission is to help your organization attain more congruent, efficient, valuable testing efforts. Please contact us to discuss your present situation and how we may be able to help you reach your Quality goals.